escape winter, Dominican Republic

We have always made our reservation ‘last minute’ even when the travel industry experts(insiders) were saying book your holiday early. There are great bargains for travel if you book it now.

LastMinuteTravel - Book Undercover

Tutorial: Undercover Hotels

LastMinuteTravel - Sweet Deal Everytime

Tutorial: Sweet Deal Every Time

Are You Tired of Being a Broke Travel Agent? - Are you tired of paying thousands of dollars a year for your crappy timeshare that you can only go to once a year! Why not pay $298 for 7 days at 4 and 5 Star Resorts around the world without Black out dates!
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(212) 537-6708
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Booking for $1 a Night Hotels

Starting January 26th, 2009,’s “World for $1″ campaign will kick off. Every weekday for 15 consecutive minutes all of our 15,000 hotels from 2,000 destinations will drop to $1 a night.

There a vital clues about the deal on the entertainment series on

All you have to do is simply be at the right place at the right time when those 15 minutes start.

15 minutes a day
15,000 hotels
$1 a night

It’s that simple.

Click below to subscribe to hints about when those fifteen minutes will come up. We wish you success.

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