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Discover The Cool Experience of The Ice Hotel

In the village of Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, the beginning of winter is marked by the influx of international designers, artists, snow builders, and architects designers. They gather to re-create IceHotel, which is re-built annually from scratch. The Ice Hotel is a destination hotel because it is a sixty-room hotel made from 3000 tons of snow and ice.

If you’ve never been to Sweden, and the Ice Hotel is a great excuse to go. Don’t let the 30 below weather stop you. After all, where else will you experience an ephemeral structure which is built every year only to completely melt away within a few months. Artists and sculptors from around the world create unique ice sculptures that are just as fleeting yet beautiful as the hotel itself.

Some Tips
Here is a packing tip: Place a few warm clothes in your carry-on instead of booking them as a set of warm clothes is just as critically important as your passport. You don’t want to lose neither of them.

Here is a clothing tip: Many thin layers of materials are best, like four to six layers of thin clothing. The Ice Hotel will supply a huge insulated coverall suit. Top off with ear muffs, a hat and a balaclava or face mask.

The first thing that you will appreciate, with a sigh of relief, is how it feels on the inside of the Ice Hotel. Outside it may be a freezing 72 below zero. There are rare times when it’s too cold for husky dogs to run the dog sleds. Yet inside the Ice Hotel it will be relatively toasty warm at 20 degrees below zero. In this climate, ‘relative’ is important and your body will appreciate it even if your mind is not convinced now.

The second thing you will notice is the sense of quiet within the Ice Hotel. Within the three-foot thick walls of the hotel, the only sound you will hear is the pitter patter of your own footsteps. Next you will view the contrast of what seems to be fragile walls made of snow and ice yet massive cathedral-like arcing walls.

Take a Tour of the Hotel
Walk through a hole cut into the ice walls, which is the door to your guest room, as you push aside a curtain. You’ll be greeted by frozen solid chocolates, carpet made of snow and a foam mattress on top of a block of ice bed illuminated by a fluorescent light.

Venture further into the Ice Hotel more and see various ice carved sculptors. Pass through an opening carved in the shape of a vodka bottle in the ice wall to enter into The Absolut Vodka Bar. Shaped like a huge igloo, the bar is filled with four inch thick ice benches and tables.  One huge chunk of ice forms the bar. Your drink(s) will be served ‘on the rocks’ in a drinking glass made of a piece of ice.

Adjacent to the Ice Hotel is a heated building with a change room and, thank goodness, heated toilets.

Second, you will be provided with special sleeping bags. The bags are rated to be used in temperatures 20 degrees cooler than the Ice Hotel temperature. It’s advisable that you wear only the lightest of clothes when you snuggle down to sleep to prevent yourself from sweating during the night. It’s best to listen to the Ice Hotel guide and wear light clothing since any sweat will suck the warmth from your body.

In the morning, you will be greeted by an Ice Hotel hostess with warm lingonberry juice.

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